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J K Mink Aesthetics

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About Jen

Since initiating my journey to become an aesthetics practitioner, my desire has grown to become fully competent and highly skilled within this field! I'm Jennifer and I have been a registered nurse for just under 10 years. I initially worked in adult ITU and now work as a public health nurse. I am an Independent Nurse Prescriber and have achieved a level 7 in injectables for Aesthetic Medicine.

My treatments include anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers. This may include facial contouring, lip/chin and cheek enhancement and restoring volume lost from the ageing process and weight loss. Treatments that will follow in the near future are Aqualyx fat dissolving injections and Profhilo - a revolutionary hyaluronic acid treatment that can increase firmness, elasticity and promote softer skin. 

To book a consultation:

Contact me through instagram or call me on 07534 472377 to book.

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